Voting Material for Advance Voting

Advance votes are only valid if the authorized materials procured by the Ministry of the Interior and Health are used. They include:

  • A special ballot paper for advance voting. The ballot papers bear the imprint “Stemmeseddel” (“Ballot Paper”). Three spaces are available for filling in a party letter, a party name, and the name of a candidate. At least one of these must be filled out by the voter or the vote will be considered as blank (and thus invalid) vote.
  • Separate envelopes. A special non-transparent coloured envelope (the colour differs according to the election and is e.g. blue for general elections) which covers the ballot paper completely is provided with each ballot paper.
  • Cover letters. The cover letter contains a declaration to be filled in and signed by the voter and an attestation clause to be filled in and signed by the person who receives the vote.
  • Covers. These envelopes – with an imprint on the front indicating that they contain a ballot paper – have space for filling in the name of the addressee, i.e. the council of the municipality where the voter is on the electoral register. On the back of the cover the voter must write his/her name in full, date of birth, and permanent address.