Parliament Elections

General elections to the Danish Parliament.

In pursuance of the Danish Constitutional Act, members of the Danish Parliament are elected for a term of four years. However, the Prime Minister may at any time call a new election to the Danish Parliament.

179 members of the Danish Parliament are elected, two of whom come from the Faroe Islands and two from Greenland.


Who Can Vote?

Any person who has attained the age of 18 years, is a national of Denmark and resident in the Kingdom is eligible to vote in a general election. People under guardianship who have been deprived of legal capacity, however, are ineligible to vote.


Who Can Stand for Election to Parliament?

If you are eligible to vote, you are normally also eligible to stand for election to the Danish Parliament unless you have been convicted of an offence which in the public opinion makes you unworthy of being a member of local and regional councils. The Danish Parliament decides on its members’ eligibility to stand for election.