Results of the European Parliament Elections in Denmark in 2019

The last election of Danish members to the European Parliament was held on Sunday, 26 May 2019 where 14 members were elected. Denmark currently has 13 members of the European Parliament. The 14th member will enter when Britain has left the EU.

The Danish members of the European Parliament are:

A. The Social Democratic Party (3)

1 Christel Schaldemose
2 Niels Fuglsang
3 Marianne Vind

B. The Social Liberal Party (2)

1 Morten Helveg Petersen
2 Karen Melchior

C. Conservative People's Party (1)

1 Pernille Weiss

F. SF - Socialist People's Party (2) 

1 Margrete Auken
2 Kira Peter-Hansen

O. Danish People's Party (1)

1 Peter Kofod

V. Venstre, Denmark's Liberal Party (3)* 

1 Morten Løkkegaard
2 Søren Gade
3 Asger Christensen

Ø. The Red-Green Alliance (1) 

1 Nikolaj Villumsen


Liberal Alliance, People's Movement Against the EU, and The Alternative did not obtain any mandates at the 2019 European Parliament elections.

* Linea Søgaard-Lidell (Venstre, Denmark's Liberal Party) is the 14th member who will enter when the UK has left the European Union.


The results of the European Parliament Elections in 2019 were as follows:

    Votes Per cent Mandates
A. Social Democratic Party 
592,645 21.48 3
B. The Social Liberal Party (Radikale Venstre) 277,929 10.07 2
C. The Conservative People’s 
(Konservativt Folkeparti)
170,544 6.18 1
F. SF – Socialist People’s Party
(SF – Socialistisk Folkeparti)
364,895 13.23 2
I. Liberal Alliance 60,693 2.20 0
N. People’s Movement against the EU 
(Folkebevægelsen mod EU)
102,101 3.70 0
O. Danish People’s Party 
(Dansk Folkeparti)
296,978 10.76 1
V. Venstre, Denmark’s Liberal Party 
(Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti)
648,203 23.50 4*
Ø. The Red-Green Alliance
(Enhedslisten - De Rød-Grønne)
151,903   1
Å. The Alternative
92,964   0
  Total 2,758,855   14*

The turnout at the European Parliament elections on 26 May, 2019, was 66.1 per cent of the total number of voters, which was 4,237,550. A total of 2,800,029 votes were cast, of which 234,525 votes were cast in advance, equalling an advance voting percentage of 8,4. The number of blank votes was 32,516, and the number of other invalid votes was 8,658, or a total of 41,174 invalid votes, equalling a percentage of 1.47 invalid votes in total.

* When the UK has left the European Union Venstre, Denmark's Liberal Party will have 4 members and Denmark will have a total of 14 members of the European Parliament.